SSL support for Netlify CLI

Is it possible to get SSL support for running ntl dev?

In order to mock production, I’ve setup Nuxt to serve localhost with SSL - and it works…but then running ntl dev defaults to http://localhost:8888 and then everything falls apart.

How can I get Netlify CLI to offer https://localhost:8888 and have that point to https://localhost:3000? (my Nuxt install)

Found the issue here…but no word since August…I would love the ‘secure’ tag!

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No updates outside of that thread you found, and by commenting, you have subscribed, so you’ll see if things change!

+1. I would love to configure certificate for local development. Though, not sure if it’s netlify thing or should be handled all by your own.

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Easiest workaround for now:

if (process.env.NETLIFY_DEV){
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