No Frameworks - Chrome can't open, CRBug/1173575

Hi, I have two repositories that just stopped working yesterday - but only in Chrome! & are both working fine in Firefox, but not loading at all in chrome. I’m getting an error in the inspector that reads “crbug/1173575, non-JS module files deprecated. (anonymous) @ (index):6774”. Here is the page from Chromium about that bug.

I’ve looked around, and found this article and this one on how to fix it. However, these sites don’t have a launch.js or anything (which is where the problems lay in these links). In fact, is just a few lines of HTML, 1 small JS file that isn’t even called by the HTML file, and a CSS file.

I have other netlify sites that are working on chrome, and I’ve looked through my account to make sure I’m not over my allotment or in arrears or anything…my account is in good standing. Any ideas?

hi there,

both seem to be working fine in chrome on windows for me:

and i’ve also checked both on chrome on my mac and both load perfectly.

this seems to be a localized error - I would say that most of our engineering team uses chrome and we have had no other reports, internally (inside of netlify) or externally (here in the forums) of this bug.

could you try some basic steps as checking your chrome version, trying in an incognito window, etc to see if that changes anything? Also - do you see the bug when building locally? if it really is a chrome bug, then it shouldn’t just appear when deploying to netlify, right?