SSG/CMS apps that will work on Chrome OS

Is anyone aware of an SSG install that will allow me to generate the site on Chrome OS? Or alternately an online install where the actual site generation can be done instead of downloading and installing the SSG to a local machine?
Grateful your comments. Rick

Please note, this appears to be an intentional limitation of Chrome OS itself. So, the question might be rephrased as:

Is there a Chrome OS version which allows you to run a SSG locally?

And I think the answer to that is “no”. So, what workarounds exist?

It is possible to SSH from Chrome OS to other systems.

This makes one possible workaround getting a “free tier” VM somewhere (an AWS EC2 instance for example) and they SSH-ing into that instance from the Chromebook.

You could then build the site in that VM via the terminal on the Chromebook. You technically aren’t building the site locally, but the workflow after SSH-ing to the EC2 instance would be identical.

Thanks Luke. You have given authoritative guidance that confirmed my conclusions. But I was just too inexperienced with this new SSG/GITHUB world to be confident I was drawing the correct insights. FYI and in return I’d like to draw your attention to two solutions that help address my dilemma. They make me quite hopeful that I can find all resource needs online as services - one is Kentico Cloud and the other is CloudCannon. You have helped and I’m happy that between us I hope we’ve been able to push this community along. Surely, my problem is not restricted to just me. Thanks again Rick.

Another point - I should should submit this exchange to G Chromeos team as priority. Thks R

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thanks @luke for your input on this - glad you are getting some answers @noncognito. I am moving this post to our #topics:opentalk area as this is more of a project discussion than a support question at this point :slight_smile:

It seems I am a bit behind the times. It used to be quite difficult to run native Linux/Unix software locally on a Chromebook. Chrome OS was primarily a platform for using web/internet based services and not a OS designed to support a local software development workflow.

But it seems that Chrome OS has changed somewhat recently.

So, it might be possible to natively run a SSG on a Chromebook. Here are two article which cover Linux apps on Chrome OS:

That second article is specifically about using Hugo (an SSG) on Chrome OS but, after skimming it, it does appear that the experience isn’t identical to running Hugo on Linux or macOS.