Cant manually deploy on a chromebook

On a chromebook, if you were to drag and drop to manually deploy, it dowsnt work. Other sites witha drag and drop feature work but this. I dont have another pc to do this from currently. Also tried doing it on linux and it would just restart chromium.

What’s not working? Are you able to create a ZIP archive of your website? Is the ZIP archive not uploading? Is it uploading but not building? Is it building but not appearing in your browser?

I’m experiencing the same issue. Cannot drag and drop the folder on my Chromebook. Hope it was there something like an upload button.
Any suggestions?

@maxsalibe did you previously update your site via GitHub?

I’m new to this and I didn’t know I had to do so. Should I?

No. I asked because if you have updating via GitHub, drag-n-drop will be disabled.

Are your files on your Chromebook, or are they actually on Google Drive and you just see representations of them on you computer?

They’re in the Linux folder, not in Google Drive. I guess Chromebooks aren’t able to execute drag and drop gestures.

Hi, @maxsalibe. You are correct. The limitation is with the Chromebook itself and not with Netlify.

Chromebooks do not allow you to drag and drop files into the browser. If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

That’s what I supposed. Does it mean that I cannot deploy my webpage into MetLife using my Chromebook?

Netlify, not MetLife. I’m sorry for my predictive keyboard.

hey max, you absolutely can! just not with drag n drop.

You could check out using a CI (git based workflow - you upload your project to a git repo host, we pull it from there and deploy it) or the CLI (command line interface)

Hey, Perry!
Where can I learn to do so? Thanks.

hi there, this would be a great place to start!