Creat React App - Manual Drag and Drop - Console.log got many error, and it's not working

Site Name: a4me20test
Local build create-react-app
Local build successfully
Build folder size: 220mb

Has been using Netlify for the past few months, and everything worked until yesterday.

I was doing the normal manual deployment like before, but all of a sudden, manual deployment is taking ages (over 10mins), and I checked the console.log, and I got the below error. I then tried all day to re-deploy, but with no success.

Does anyone know what’s happened, please?


Hey there, @a3596287 :wave:

Thanks so much for sharing that screenshot. Sorry to hear you are having difficulties. Can you please share the deploy log of the failed build? This will help us look into your situation further.

Could you try to cancel the previous deploys and upload again?

i am getting the same issue when, i deploy my react app on netlify manually.

hi there, we were having some issues with drag and drop deploys that got fixed yesterday, see more information here:

can you respond in that thread to keep conversation in one place if you are still having issues?