To Use An SSG On a Small Website or Not?

There are so many website development technologies available and more continue to arrive. SSGs is one of them and usage is increasing, but is it always the best choice? Is an SSG a benefit to a smaller website (<20 pages) or is it an unneeded extra layer of complexity?

As I understand it, a smaller JAMstack website can be created using HTML, CSS and vanilla JS. If needed, GraphQL can be used to import data from many sources. The site can be placed in a GitHub repository and then deployed to Netlify. Netlify’s expanding family of built-in apps are also available. Lighthouse’s guidance could be used to ensure that pages render quickly. GitHub and Netlify would help keep the website updated and running smoothly.

With the above approach, what would be the reason(s) to use an SSG on a smaller website? Thanks.

It depends somewhat on how dynamic the site is doing to be in terms of new material, new pages, etc. If it’s going to be pretty fixed in terms of pages and material, just use a good editor. I use BBEdit, but Visual Studio Code is free and seems to run on just about every platform.