Bug in Netlify Invoices (usage shows 0)

Hi Netlify team,

I’ve been hassling the support, product, and sales team since 2020 about this so I’m sorry if y’all have several bug reports from me about this.

All numbers of usage on Forms, Functions, etc. show up as zero on Netlify invoices. In the example screenshot we’ve used both Form and Function packages in March but the usage still shows zero.

Also, if someone is in there fixing this the URLs all default to http instead of https, minor typo

See example from March 2022 bill:

Hope this helps all of your users that check their invoices!

P.S. The recent 2255% price increase was not cool :frowning:


Hi @bangel,

We’re aware of this bug and there is already an issue for this. We’d post an update if anything changes in this area.