Urgent Site Under Attack and Getting Billed for Massive Functions Usage

Our site is suddenly getting a massive spike in functions usage out of nowhere and this is completely abnormal for us, you can view our history. Yesterday, the functions usages reported 8 million requests and 20,000 hours! But we only get a 100 visitors a day to the website! Normally, we are well under 1,000 hours per month. So in one day the panel is reporting 20X our normal level. Something is going very wrong here. We don’t have nearly as much function usage as reported in the Netlify panel. Every day we are getting automatic upgrades to our platform and getting charged for extra function usage. This is not caused by our actual website usage. Can someone please help us? This is really urgent, we can’t afford the bills

Hi @osseonews thanks for reaching out. I escalated your query to helpdesk. Please stay tuned thanks.

Thanks! Please let me know if any questions. The massive increase in functions was approximately from April 5 at 10PM EST to April 6 at around 12PM. You can see in our logs the situation and I can explain better what was going on.

Meant April in the previous message. sorry.

So we were charged $646 today for extra functions usage from yesterday’s spike. This is a mistake. We didn’t actually have that kind of functions usage. You can see our functions log from April 6 and you will see it was going haywire with bad requests to 2 API endpoints which were being hit continuously for no reason. You will see today that this has stopped. We can perfectly explain why this happened, but suffice to say this is not anywhere near our normal usage as you can see from our history with Netlify over several years. We never exceed or come anywhere close to 1,000 yours runtime or 1m API requests. Our site is tiny and gets only 100 visits a day. There is no possible way we can have 20,000 hours of function usage in a span of several hours and 8 million API requests. Please fix. We cannot afford these mistaken charges. It would literally bankrupt us. These are types of usage that not even the top websites would incur and we are tiny. Thanks.

Isn’t there some kind of DDOS protection for overage at Netlify? I mean it’s obvious, from all our historical trends for years and the logs, that for around 12 hours from April 5 thru mid-day April 6, we were the subject of a DDOS-style “attack” by a malfunctioning external service. We know which service this was and we are in touch with them also, but still its clear we can’t be held financially responsible for DDOS-style attack on our servers. This is really no different than a situation when your credit card is stolen and some thief spends thousands of dollars on your card. No bank will ever hold you responsible for these fraudulent charges. Netlify shouldn’t hold customers financially responsible for DDOS attacks on their website. Traffic patterns based on historical records, clearly show when a DDOS-style attack is the source of a surge in function usage.

hi @osseonews

I’ve replied to your helpdesk case.

If you have any questions, please reply to us there!