Billing enquiry after balance reset

Hi All

I had an email today saying that I had used features and services to the value of $153.27, but that the account balance had been reset to $0. Awesome!

I can’t seem to find a break down of the original charges on the billing page ({{team-name}}/billing#billing-details ). Does anyone know where I can find this information?

Thanks in advance



Is this what you’re looking for?

I received the same email and my forms level was changed to forms level 1 and I did not do it, nor did my usage of one form submission since august 2019 = Netlify scam. They will not respond to billing inquires on there site even though I have a “money issue of incorrect and illegal billing”!

There is no invoices for my account so what is this nonsense

That’s certainly where I expected to see a breakdown. I guess because I’ve not actually paid any bills, there are none to show on that page :frowning:

hi there, thanks for bringing this up. I moved this thread to our #admin category, as that’s the best place to address billing issues.

We’ll take a look and get back to you shortly. Thanks!

Hey folks! Sorry about the confusing communications. Here’s what we can tell you:

  1. We indeed do not intend to show bills you didn’t pay, so there is no scamming here, just when we cleaned up the charges we don’t intend to collect, there are no other artifacts in our UI since we ONLY send receipts, and nothing was paid.
  2. We will help you understand any confusing charges, forgiven or not.
  3. We will do so in the helpdesk, if you reply to the email we sent. Our helpdesk autoresponder has some bad configuration right now that claims the case is closed, but we will help you there and are fixing the text for future respondents.

In many cases, for charges in the sub-500 dollar range, the reason you were upgraded was for forms usage in excess of 100 posts a month on a single site, and this likely happened in the distant past - between April 2018 and Summer 2019.