I am extremely disapointed in netlify


i have to get this out of my system

ive been using netlify for over 3 years now, using the free tier, and i saw someone on reddit ( https://old.reddit.com/r/webdev/comments/1b14bty/netlify_just_sent_me_a_104k_bill_for_a_simple/ ) who also was on a free tier, and just because their app got suddenly ddosed, yall r shifting it all away on the customer it seems

netlify was always bad with the billing, it is a confusing mess as per many online services, hell, some services charge you for deleting your account !, and this is where i feel netlify heading to lol, i was always confused about netlify pricing, but i didnt know it can get this fucked up like it is for that person

over 5 thousand for something theyre not responsible for even, how are you going to make them pay 5 fucking thousand for something yall were responsible for, it is your job, as a host, to protect people from such things like ddos attacks, they literally have zero control over the backend or anything, i understand the pricing behind 55 dollars per 100 gb for normal usage, as in the site is so popular it cannot fit in the free 100 gb it had for free, but not when its an attack like this

i dont believe i am saying all of this - ive always loved netlify, i never wanted to hate it, i never did, the service is great - but this is an extremely scummy move

never have i ever been happier to know that soon i am moving away from netlify and self hosting stuff on my own - not as if buying a cheap vps off contabo for 9.5 euro a month is that bad compared to 104 k, or 5 k

this is just sad and pathetic .

oh not to mention, the ceo of netlify literally said ‘apologies didnt go through’ when the support was nothing but trying to leech as much money out of the user as possible :skull:

Netlify CEO here.

Our support team has reached out to the user from the thread to let them know they're not getting charged for this.

It's currently our policy to not shut down free sites during traffic spikes that doesn't match attack patterns, but instead forgiving any bills from legitimate mistakes after the fact.

Apologies that this didn't come through in the initial support reply. 

( Netlify just sent me a $104k bill for a simple static site | Hacker News )

lmao they closed it :skull:

i hope these are the last months of netlify for me lol

‘deeply sorry’ - in what way bro, had it went not viral as it did in this case yall wouldve just made the user pay 20% or at least 5% of the cost as yall clearly did before

it is funny how yall are pretending to be sorry when all of us know that its nothing but damage control, god, never have i ever been so disappointed in a company i had so much hope for - it is rare for me to like a company, but netlify was one of them - never again am i putting even slightest hope into any company, especially netlify .



self host, contabo ( what i use ) has very good prices for vpses and ur not limited by just static web hosting which makes y ou pay 5-20% of 104 k bill which u had no control over - it does have some issues with support, but nowhere close to them charing you 104 k for it lol, its just slow

Hi @B00bleaTea

We are aware of and deeply sorry for how this recent situation has impacted some of our users. As a company we are deeply committed to both making this right and ensuring that it never happens again. I’m linking our official stance below, but please don’t hesitate to email Support (support@netlify.com) if you want to discuss your account. We are here to help. Thank you.