Block certain IP addresses in Netlify Analytics

I’ve just turned on Netlify Analytics, and it seems super useful so far - thanks!

I use to keep an eye on my site - they check it’s up every half an hour or so from a certain set of their servers around the world. This traffic is masking a lot of the real traffic.

Since provide a list of their server’s IP addresses, it’d be super useful to be able to ignore pageviews and unique visitors from those IP addresses.

Is blocking certain IP addresses from analytics something that is on the roadmap?

Just adding my name here for future visibility and curiosity :+1:t2:

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+1 would love to be able to filter out certain IPs.

We will likely never offer this feature as part of our Analytics offering, or anyway, not very soon. We’ll suggest that you use edge handlers to block the IP’s so their traffic never gets to your site instead: