A way to block certain IP?

Hello, We’re trying to block some incoming traffic from shady traffic generating website such as gammatraffic.com . Is there a way to block those?

Hi @rad182 and welcome to our community! No, no way to do any site specific blocks at present (outside of sending all site traffic to a function and weeding it out there, or doing client-side redirects if referrer=someonebad.

Our recently demo’d edge logic feature (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D44n8YVb5iI for some details) will enable it though, so you might want to sign up for the beta here:

Hi @fool we’re getting bad form submissions (someone trying SQL injections and whatnot) and were hoping to block the users IP address. Since it’s not possible: would you suggest an edge handler as the solve or is some other method a better approach?


Yup, edge handler is about the best functionality we have on the horizon for that use case. In case you go over your free limit based on spam, please let us know as we don’t intend to charge you for attacks like that.