Analytics and IP collection

Site: jbm-skimaps-prod

This site is used to publish ski slope maps including status of tracks but only internal on screens. We’ve much too much traffic on this site and for that reason I activated the analytics part on netlify. But finally to solve the traffic problem i need some deeper information, means i need the IP from the screen who’s communicating with the netlify server.

Normaly i would do that with a tool like “Fiddler” but on the screens i can’t install tools and the browser are too old …

Do you see a possibility to get the IP adresses with analytics?

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Hi, @JBM. We cannot share the actual IP addresses with you but can see them (we just cannot share them) and we will help you troubleshoot this issue.

I see this site is on a Pro team and therefore qualifies for private helpdesk support. I also see you are being billed for the bandwidth. We will always answer any billing questions, including bandwidth questions in our helpdesk (even for Starter plan teams and your team is Pro).

Would you like for us to move this conversation to our helpdesk?

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Hi @luke you can move this conversation to the helpdesk.

Thank you and best,

Hey there, @JBM

Thanks for confirming! I have gone ahead and opened a Helpdesk ticket for you. Stay tuned to your email :slight_smile:


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