Analytics shows Bandwidth Used and Top sources, no Pageviews, no Unique visitors

Is the system that computes Pageviews and Unique visitors not working properly on my account for some reason?

Heya and sorry to be slow to get back to you!

I spent awhile digging in there, and you don’t serve very much html on that site, and that’s what “Pageviews” is based on, and unique visitors too.

So - analytics may not make sense on that site. Let me know if you’d like me to cancel your subscription and get you a refund, since I don’t think it’s worth the 9$ if you’ll have similar traffic going forward as you have in the past 7 days…

We expect more traffic but not to HTML pages. We’re serving static .ics pages. How can we get those numbers to look at non-html pages?

That’s not really on the roadmap as far as I know - we are focusing on traffic on html files with this product (and indeed with our CDN :)) - hence my offer to refund things.

Bummer, that was the only reason I wanted to use netlify for this project. Yes please refund.

OK, sorry to hear that, but at least we can get you your money back. I’ve created a helpdesk ticket where we’ll get it taken care of for you in the next few days and follow up via email.

Is it possible to get a raw dump of the logs? I can process them myself

Hi, @ajbouh. We don’t provide access to the raw access logs.

It might be possible for us to provide some aggregate data (example: unique IP address count in a time window or the 200 highest request count URLs with counts in a time window) but the raw logs themselves we are not permitted to share.

Would aggregate data be helpful and, if so, what sort of queries/analysis are you looking to perform?