Awaiting External DNS settings-Ongoing over 72 hours

Hello thank you all for you assistance. Please see below for my ongoing issue.

Netlify subdomain:

I want to verify I have the correct DNS settings for the external DNS. I have attached a screenshot as I recently updated it to www instead of for the host. I initially had but just changed it back to www today. Please let me know if I should be doing anything additional

Thank you in advance.

Brittany Cross

Hi @bcross2425,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

Could you try our Support Guide here:

Generally, you would create an A Record for the apex domain that points to

The CNAME Record for www can point to

You can make the www subdomain primary by click on Options and selecting Set as primary domain here.

Could you give that a try and let us know if you continue to have issues.

Hi Melvin, thank you. I am going to try the first option for the A record. Please let me know if I added the correct information.

The host should probably be @.

Hi @hrishikesh

Should the host should display

or is there something else?

It should display only @ as @hrishikesh mentioned @bcross2425.

The A record you have currently is for

$ dig 4502 IN A

I am also not seeing the www record from your original post. This records needs the data value and not

I also see you have added the Netlify name servers

$ dig NS	4502	IN	NS	4502	IN	NS	4502	IN	NS	4502	IN	NS	4502	IN	NS	4502	IN	NS	4502	IN	NS	4502	IN	NS

If you are going to use externally configured DNS you should remove these. You only add the Netlify name servers when using Netlify DNS.


Thank you for your feedback. To confirm is the below records and corresponding information correct?

And also how do I remove the netlify name servers?

Yes, these are correct :+1:

As I do not use Squarespace domains I cannot give the exact steps. If not immediately evident via the management dashboard, I suggest checking through the Squarespace support. This article might help though Accessing your Squarespace-managed domain's DNS settings – Squarespace Help Center