Awaiting External DNS - Google Domains .co Extension

Hey guys! I’ve seen similar posts before, but couldn’t quite find my case.

I’m creating a starter website for my record label company, and I have the domain through Google Domains,

Netlify gives me a warning saying they can’t register .co domains but that I can still add them manually. So I have my DNS settings configured through Google Domains.

I have the Type A set up with the 4 Ipv4 Addresses for the root domain. I can ping the website and the addresses successfully from Windows Command Prompt, and I’ve chatted with Google Support and they said I have everything configured correctly.

Additionally too, I have the CNAME setup for the (www.) prefix to the website itself for the Host Name.

I have the Google Domain settings routing to my Netlify Site Name:

The Site Name above works fine, but yeah going to the site doesn’t work currently, and I’ve played with it all week to get the domain to propagate properly. I got it working only 1 time for like 2 hours a couple of days ago but it was an unsecured link unfortunately. So subsequent changes immediately took it back offline at the time.

Not sure what to do, open to any and all suggestions! I’m not sure if a screenshot of my Google Domain Settings or Netlify DNS Settings would help. But again, I’m open to any and all advice you guys can give me at this time!

Thank you!

Your A records are not pointing to Netlify:

dig A +short

Please click on Awaiting External DNS: Netlify App and check the correct settings.

Thank you, we had pulled those ipv4 addresses using the dnslookup command.

I went ahead and changed the Name Servers on Google Domains to the ones given to us by Netlify.

I’ll wait the 24 hours and see what happens and I’ll report back here tomorrow.

This seems to be resolved.

Yeah it is now, thank you! We can close this out, your help has been incredibly invaluable!