Always getting "awaiting external DNS" even after(I thought) moving over to Netlify managed DNS

For my Netlify site ’’ ,which I only recently made/started messing with, I originally had a custom domain managed by Cloudflare and attempted to add Netlify’s NS records to it but after over 24hr it still never propagated(right word?) and so I thought it would be smart to try and switch over to Netlify as my DNS manager, tried that and now I’m still kinda stuck, not sure what issues I’m having here but I’d definitely appreciate some quick tips!

hi there! If you’d like to use Netlify DNS, you need to configure the NS records at your registrar, rather than in Netlify, to point to:

This support guide goes into further detail if you’d like to check it out.

I can try again but like I said this was already done before, up until this morning actually when I decided to try and delete them thinking that I had the same thing on two pages(yours and cloudflare’s) and it might be part of the issue. possibly since it was the weekend it would take even longer than 24hours(?) but either way ill re-add them

You’ll need to delete them from the Netlify UI as well. Once those two steps are completed feel free to respond back and I can take another look.

done, hope it was just an issue of me attempting to add your NS records during the weekend! please let me know if there’s anything else that ought to be done 412|451x500

Hi @pray.get.lack,

Thanks for the follow-up.

Have you configured the Netlify name servers mentioned here, at the domain’s registrar?

Checking the name servers:

dig NS +trace | tail -n 6 3600 IN NSEC3 1 1 0 332539EE7F95C32A DQP2PAQVFEKMFIMUMLRSMC8ETNF2883N  NS DS RRSIG 3600 IN RRSIG NSEC3 8 2 3600 20240107153201 20231217143201 3093 org. mb4zwBbZEWIl4v4LH6vRo/i0coJKxqVDxoR5tH8ZaRb3tJC74WevXpjg Jk7eETRBlJ4Jevc6iIEfKRyqeoqOu8h8f/CoTibcppxkDCvmYED2pItQ Xt9y7TbZVK8048x8VGtzaAo+6Ws8hTyG3asqb+yUXc2JuuJqy0xuKV4z uS8= 3600 IN NSEC3 1 1 0 332539EE7F95C32A C0M77N9LRQGJ449APE01H2236S0PUMFG  NS DS RRSIG 3600 IN RRSIG NSEC3 8 2 3600 20240107153201 20231217143201 3093 org. DAjPneZ1HSnAKbCEPKXi6nT0T3t6hlfb7HOv2hCg76cSguzfljroZiXW kSA7X9yX1xyNqsq0fyzKf7YrvaygMxLJ4T8grlWBKaezVEpIgG0ek8Il PKT+pobPlvbbDRaPEY9jYkO/0CPv8Ib9Nzy9V0Bbx+rpLz2rUey/LKjU ldE=
;; Received 1041 bytes from 2001:500:e::1#53( in 178 ms

You can follow this Support Guide for configuring the name servers: