Awaiting External DNS Intermittent

Hi Team,

My DNS propagation is intermittent. Some minutes ago, I saw that and showed NETLIFY DNS and now they show “Awaiting external DNS”. I have setup name servers to Netlify Name server. Please help

Hi @Teachyou,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

Reviewing the DNS configuration, it doesn’t appears you have Netlify’s name servers mentioned here configured. You can see here:

You’ll need to configure at your registrar the name servers. You can follow our Support Guide here:

If you have configured them recently, it may not have propagated at this time.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Hello Melvin,

I configured the name servers around 8 hours ago.

Hi, if you pointed the NS to netlify’s you should be good to go. Please wait up to 48hours for propagation to occur.