Awaiting External DNS - not sure what to do

Hello i’m new to netlify and webhosting as a whole.
I have set up this netlify site name :
I also have this domain purchased through google :

I have added to the production domains and it is marked as the primary domain, however it shows ‘awaiting external dns’.
I’m not sure what to do at this point.
I want to be able to resolve the webiste at, but i also use wyldegames domain for email and I don’t want to mess that up in any way.

If there is anybody who can provide some guidance, I would greatly appreciate it.

Hey there! Looking into this, I see the site is currently using Netlify DNS. Did you change your mind, or are you still interested in external DNS?

If you want external DNS, go ahead and set up these records at your domain registrar:

Type Name Value
A @

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

Hi Charlot
I was tinkering around and clicked the netlify dns on the primary domain. That led me to putting the netlify name servers into the google domain admin page.
Things seem to be working now. Is there any downside to doing it this way? I don’t think this impacts the email or anything right?

Thank you for your response!

I feel like there may be an issue as the email addresses for are not receiving emails.

@tastypears if you want to use Netlify DNS, you’ll need to add all your MX record to the DNS zone in order for your email service to continue working. You can follow this support guide:

Or, you can choose to use external DNS if you don’t want to move all your MX records over.