Apex domain does not redirect to www

Hello my netlify sitename is amazing-borg-5ad7ae.netlify.app and the Apex domain is synapses-psychotherapy.co.uk which does not redirect to www.synapses-psychotherapy.co.uk. The registrar is https://www.123-reg.co.uk/ and I added the nameservers

Not sure what else should I do

@silot Welcome to the Netlify community.

Did you set the www version as your primary in the Netlify dashboard, and redirect your apex domain to it?

yes exactly that’s the case

@silot Not only do visits to the apex domain not redirect, but they don’t see the SSL certificate, even though the certificate seems to have been issued and seems to be valid.

If was my site I’d delete and recreate it, but maybe someone from Netlify support has a better approach.

Delete and recreate the whole site or the domain?

Hey @silot,
It looks like you have a valid SSL certificate :partying_face: Your custom domains also seem to be working as expected, though note that we do recommend swapping your current configuration so that the www. address is the primary, with the apex redirecting to that. It sounds like you ran into issues with that earlier so completely understand if you’re not interested in messing with it further! But here’s our article on why we recommend that, just in case:

I removed and added the domain again and I put the apex as primary. I will try removing it again and adding the www. as primary and see it this works

@silot Just FYI, you should be able to set the primary domain without deleting the domain and re-adding it.