Leading www. doesn't redirect to domain name

Netlify app: https://triumphassurance.netlify.app/

Hello, I have assigned a domain name i bought on LWS Panel on a website I’m hosting on Netlify.
The problem is :
www.triumphwebassurances.fr doesn’t redirect to triumphwebassurances.fr.
They’re both pointing to the same netlify app and share the same DNS server configuration.
I’m pretty sure the answer might be silly but I haven’t found a solution.

Thank you very much for your time and efforts.

@mmontacer I am seeing the www. redirecting to the apex, is that not what you’re seeing?

Hello nathanmartin,
Thank you for the great support service and fast answer.
It is properly redirecting right now , it wasn’t working a couple hours ago but it is definitely now.

Excellent, glad it’s all working for you now!

Hi @mmontacer :wave:t6: thanks so much for coming back and letting us know you were able to resolve yourself! (: