Www domain is working but not naked domain

I have a custom domain from Hover and have set it up to use Netlify’s 4 nameservers. I have a SSL certificate from GOGETSSL for the glcanter.com domain as well as wwww.glcanter.com. I want the Netlify DNS to handle all requests for the www and my naked domain without having to resort to any redirects in my application. My Netlify domain is glcanter.netlify.app.

It seems to me that the www domain is not directing to the naked domain correctly. https://www.glcanter.com is working fine, but https://glcanter.com times out - both in the browser and with curl & ping at the command line. In the Netlify domain settings I have the www domain set as the primary - if I have the naked domain set as the primary nothing works. Using ‘dig’ at the command line returns DNS records for both the www and the naked domains. From the Netlify settings I see that my Netlify domain is supposed to redirect to both my naked and www domains. I have no redirects in my Hugo application or my netlify.toml files.

Using curl (curl -svo /dev/null https://www.glcanter.com/ 2>&1 | egrep “^< .*”), ping, host, traceroute, and dig at the command line all seem to show that the naked domain times out, which is what I get in the browser.

So, … any ideas/comments/clues on how to fix this ?


@gcan Welcome to the Netlify community.

Your apex and www domains load for me, as does your Netlify subdomain (obviously!). Also, your apex domain redirects as your www domain, which is usually what you want.

Are you perhaps seeing a local caching issue, or did you try to check your sites in your browser before the DNS changes had propagated fully?

Thank ! - the community seems to be really helpful and large ! And yes

  • the docs are super helpful.

OK - so after I got your email it hit me that the only thing I didn’t
check was my VPN. So after recycling it everything worked. I wouldn’t
have guessed it, but there you go. Thanks a million for the assistance !

  • gcan