Adding www into my netlify domain

Hello i have my netlify website, and i dont want to add my custom DNS domain but rather just add www infront of my website still pointing to the netlify domain.
is it possible to have also with possibility to have webiste ? Thanks for the advice

In short, no.

Netlify hasn’t configured www on subdomains— is a subdomain of Configuring such a record (subdomain of a subdomain) is not something generally done as a rule of thumb.

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and is there any way to somehow redirect users from to just


There is DNS record for so there is no way to redirect to

the “mywebsite” was just an example, i cannot post my own name of website but what are u saying is that it could work for my own one?

I know.

It wouldn’t matter if the website was,,, or whatever the name of your oh-so-secret site is, the simple fact of the matter is there is no www subdomain for any of them. There is no way to configure it, there is no way to redirect it.

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