Adding .www before website results in 'page not found'

My website is However, when typing, I get a ‘Page not found’. (without the www) works. I have index.html in the root folder. I have searched for a solution and this issue is quite common but I can’t find a fix that works for my website.
My website is not connected to git; I do manual deploys.

Hi, @o_hio, and welcome to the Netlify community site.

There isn’t a way to add subdomains under the domain.

You can change that subdomain to a different subdomain. So, for example, you can change this domain:

to this (with a dash not a dot):

However, you cannot add subdomains underneath that subdomain. So this isn’t possible:

If you want to add a www subdomain to your site, this can be done with a custom domain. You can register custom domains with any registrar and the domain can be used at Netlify. We also offer domain registrations directly via our website as well.

This means that you can register a domain like (just an example) and then use that domain and both for your Netlify site. You can also pick any others subdomain you want if you register a custom domain like,, etc.

If you do register a domain outside of Netlify, there are two ways to direct that domain to your Netlify site:

There is more information about custom domains at Netlify here:

​Please let us know if there are other questions about this.