Can't cname to www domain without apex domain error

I have a site where the apex is handled at aws route53 using a cloudfront distribution. This apex is already redirecting traffic to the www.

However, when I add the www custom subdomain on netlify, it wants to also use take control of the apex and wants me to implement Netlify DNS or gives errors that my apex A record has multiple entries (this is due to how route53 handles the apex). I don’t want Netlify to host my DNS, nor do I want it to touch my apex. I just want it to handle the www domain. Is there a way to allow me to use just the www cname. There is nothing in DNS that prevents this from happening, as far as I know; it seems to be a Netlify specific rule.

The site in question is I currently have the www routed elsewhere (to unbounce) because whenever I route it to netlify, it fails to provision SSL due to the apex handling. I want to only have a www certificate. It works for any other subdomain, just not www.


Hi, @skwp, and welcome to our Netlify community site.

I believe we are already troubleshooting this issue via an email and we’ll follow-up with you there about possible solutions for this.

For others reading this, it is possible to have only the www subdomain point to the Netlify site but it does require a manual step by our support team to make it possible.