Apex domain (no www) error


My Netlify site https://gayworld-org.netlify.app/
Is working as expected with the subdomain URL https://www.gayworld.org/
It is not working with the apex domain URL https://gayworld.org/

I am using Google Domains and i believe I have configured it according to the instructions for using an external DNS provider see screen shot below.

I’m a newbie and would appreciate any help in identifying my error.
Thank you in advance.

Hey there! According to the UI, the www domain is missing a CNAME record at your DNS provider.

You’ll then also want to reissue your SSL certificate from the UI to add the apex domain :smiley:

I have corrected the Cname issue as indicated in the UI.
The issue with the Apex domain remains.
Unable to connect to https://gayworld.org.

This site can’t provide a secure connection
gayworld.org sent an invalid response.

Thank you for continuing to provide your assistance in resolving this issue.

I renewed the SSL cert, as per your previous update and now it is working. Thank you. My issue is resolved.

Glad to be of help, @kevind!