No https on my website's www. subdomaine?

I have recently added a .com domaine name for my website but:

Browsers are always warning when visiting the www site although both seems to be registered the same way in my DNS settings

Netlify site name

When visiting from my phone using brave browser I get:

You have an error in the configuration for As noted in the configure external DNS → Configure a subdomain documentation, you are meant to create a CNAME record for www using the value of your Netlify subdomain — in this case — and not with the apex load balancer address (the apex is

Do this, ensure the www subdomain and apex are assigned to the site as custom domains then check, and if necessary renew, the SSL certificate.

Thanks, I had to remove the www domaine from the DNS records and only keep the redirect in the Production domains. Now it seems to be working.

You didn’t do what I told you to do though.

Your domain isn’t set up as per the documentation

Read the documentation and act accordingly. Following instructions correctly helps a lot. Ignoring them can lead to issues.

But your choice.