Request for subdomain SSL certification

I am trying to have a sub-domain, however it’s asking me to acquire SSL certificate.
sub-domain is www CNAME
I’ve used Netlify to deploy
Where can I obtain the SSL to use on the sub-domain?

hi there, this should happen automatically for the www subdomain, but any dns changes do take some time to be visible worldwide.

I recommend you check back in 24hr, and let us know if it is still not loading for you. Remember to always try in an incognito window so you see a fresh version, not a cached one.

Hey, thanks for the reply.
It currently redirects to the desired domain, however if I have https:// in front of www, it shows that the site can’t be reached. Is there a way to solve this issue?

as i said, i think it just needed a little more time:

can you try again in an incognito window please if you are still seeing an error?

Thanks for the reply!
I’ve tried in an incognito mode, but no help =(
So I’m trying to re-route from to
When I access the url without http secure, it re-directs, but with http(s), it shows

Hey @rtdk0324,
Cool site!

I think I understand what’s happening. is set up with Netlify DNS and working correctly :tada:

But is not set up with Netlify DNS. To get to point to this Netlify site:, you have several options:

# this file is called _redirects and is deployed in your published directory

/*    200!

Let us know if have follow-up questions about this!

@jen thanks for the reply!
I tried the second method you suggested and decided to create a _redirects file and add in
redirect rules to redirect from* 301
and it works like a charm!
Thank you!!

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