I want my subdomain automatically directs to SSL (https)

My main domain directs automatically to https but my subdomain (which is shop.comicool.ph) do not. When I am entering manually into https://shop.comicool.ph, my antivirus warns me to go there. I want my subdomain automatically directs to SSL (https) and no antivirus warnings.

Your help is much appreciated.

Hey @cyrilnicko,

That domain is not pointing to Netlify:

SSL cannot cover that as Netlify can apply SSL only to pages served by Netlify.

Hello @hrishikesh ,

Thank you for answering my question.
I am currently using Netlify’s DNS. If I turn it back to Namecheap’s DNS, will it solve the problem?

Hi there! We’ve created this DNS Quickstart guide for this very purpose - to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Please take a look. Additionally, we have this Support Guide too that outlines all of our DNS resources. Lastly, there are tons of DNS questions you can access through our search! If your problem still persists after reading through all relevant guides, please post again and we will troubleshoot with you.