Subdomain and Domain Name and https Security Warning

I have two websites and

I only want to host my with Netlify for the moment. I have ported over the domain name to Netlify and the sub-domain works well however not unsurprinsgly I have a security warning problem with a the main domain name ( hosted somewhere else.

Any ideas as to how I can fix this please?
TIA and many thanks


Hi, @nickwild, and welcome to our Netlify community site.

This domain ( isn’t hosted at Netlify. Would you please let us know what the actual domain names being used are?

Thanks Luke. The domain name is I want on Netlify and on the existing website (for the moment). Eventually both will come across.

I have already pulled the domain name over.

Thanks for your help


Hi @nickwild

The best thing to do in this situation is not use Netlify to manage your DNS (at least, not until you are ready to move the whole domain over to Netlify).

So you’ll want to delete your DNS zone here and use these instructions to create a CNAME DNS record for at your domain registrar.

Many thanks Laura should I do anything with the SSL settings on Netlify as I need this site to have an SSL certificate

Hi, @nickwild, if you want to use a custom domain with a Netlify site and the DNS service is not Netlify’s DNS, those instructions can be found at the link below:

To summarize, create a CNAME record for the domain name which points to the Netlify site’s subdomain (like Also, for this to be complete, add the custom domain under the site’s domain settings (Site > Settings > Domain Management > Custom domains).

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

Hi Dan, I have done this, but wanted to know what to do about the https section. Do I delete this? Leave this? When I try and renew the SSL for on the old server it cannot renew.

I know is service is free, but if you could answer this question quickly I would be really grateful as the original site is not working and I need to reset these ssl issues so both are https.

Many thanks


We just got that cert updated for you, Nick. Now your site’s cert only covers the subdomain you have set up on Netlify,, and not the entire domain.

Let us know if anything else is needed at this time!