Custom domain verification problem

my domain: “” has passed verification, but “” has not passed verification, so I can’t complete the TLS certificate – 2 days have passed. (Also, how do I get my custom domains to use HTTPS?)

Hi, @ljelias, and welcome to our Netlify community site.

I’m seeing the following configuration for that domain currently:

IP address records for the bare domain (type = A):	599	IN	A

Alias (type = CNAME) and IP address (type = A) records for www subdomain: 3599 IN	CNAME	599	IN	A

Both the www subdomain and the apex/root/bare domain point to the IP address This IP address is not an IP address at Netlify and, because of this, we have no way to serve a website for these names or to issue an SSL certificate for them.

For any DNS service besides Netlify DNS, the instructions to link the domain to Netlify can be found here:

Would you please try configuring the DNS record for the domain according to those instructions above? If there are any questions about how to do this, please let us know.