Custom Domain SSL Certificate Problem

Hi, I already provisioned a SSL cert for a subdomain ( without any problem. Now I want to add a SSL cert to ( (which points to an other deployment). If I click on “Verify DNS Configuration” the response is “DNS verification was successful”. Everything seems fine, once I click on “provision certificate” I get the response “We could not provision a Let’s Encrypt certificate for your custom domain” without further information.
Regarding the DNS settings, everything seems fine. I added an A record for which points to the netlify IP and a CNAME entry for to the Netlify default sub-domain (
Any ideas how I can solve this and get a certificate from lets encrypt via Netlify? Thanks!

The Netlify support was really quick, I had a AAAA record which was not pointing to Netlify, thats why I could not get a SSL cert.

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