DNS verification failed - HTTPS not working, HTTP is working though

Can you please help me in getting my HTTPS mode activated. I’m getting DNS verification failed. HTTP is working fine but not HTTPS.

My domain: https://www.tupletechnologies.net/

Have you made the necessary entries with Google to point your custom domain to the Netlify servers?

If this is not your intention, and you wish to switch to Netlify DNS (which seems to make the verification process a slam dunk), that information is here:

Adding CNAME record is Google Domains is giving me a Name conflict with ‘www’, even though no other records exist.

I could add a A record with the IP address, this is how the HTTP mode is working.

Now, I’m not able to edit the domain or make another alias as the primary domain as I keep getting this message: “We’re provisioning a certificate for your site, you cannot change custom domains until that process completes”.

Can you please help me get this resolved as we need to go Live by tomorrow morning.

I’m having a little difficulty following this, but you seem to be saying that you are having problems with the DNS settings on Google, as well as provisioning delays on the SSL certificate with Netlify.

I don’t know if either of this procedures would work, but it seems that – given the urgency – you could try:

  1. Deleting the entire site on Netlify, and then creating a new identical one to see if that ends the log jam, or

  2. Transferring your DNS records from Google to Netlify for this site (don’t forget your MX and other records!), or

  3. Both.

Sorry for the confusion. Finally it’s resolved now. It was an issue with adding CNAME in Google Domains, I setup another domain which worked perfectly in Netlify. Then cleaned up that old domain and set it up again.

It’s all working now and the SSL certificate also got renewed nicely! Thanks!

Hi, @Anirudh.Kothur, welcome to the Netlify community site and thank you for letting us know the issue is resolved now.

If there are other questions about our service in the future, please create a new topic again anytime! :smiley: