Https not working with a custom domain through an external provider

Hi all,

I’m on the Starter team plan and I understand from this that https is offered for free. However, it isn’t working on my site and I’m not sure what I have done incorrectly.

Site name:
Custom domain:

When I go to my site name (with https), I get redirected to my custom domain, without the https. In my browser, this of course produces a warning.

Of the options mentioned in that first link above, I am looking at the instructions for “Netlify-managed certificates”.

When I click on “Domains” in the main menu, it says that my custom domain is registered through an external provider. And that’s correct. Under DNS records, I have two records (one with and one without “www”) with “IN NETLIFY”.

Returning to the main menu…if I go to “Domain management”, under HTTPS, it says that a “Let’s Encrypt” certificate could not be provisioned. I click on the “Verify DNS configuration” button and I get a “DNS verification was successful” message. If I then click on “Provision certificate”, a box comes up and a message that says “missing certificate”.

There is a link to a troubleshooting guide. I went as far as using and entered my bare domain name with NS and the Netlify name servers show up. So, this is ok…

Under Step 3 of the Advanced Troubleshooting, with Let’s Debug, I am getting " StatusNotOperational – The current status as reported by the Let’s Encrypt status page is Partial Service Disruption". I guess it is by coincidence that Let’s Debug isn’t working right now?

Over to where I purchased the domain name (GoDaddy), I have no DNS records. The message is, “We can’t display your DNS information because your nameservers aren’t managed by us.”. Also within GoDaddy, I have 4 nameservers listed. The ones that I entered a while back and which are reported

Anyway, sorry for the information overload… I’m not too sure what I have done wrong. Any advice would be appreciated!

Thank you!


It looks like the SSL certificate has been successfully provisioned since you wrote in. Your site is now successfully loading in my browser.

Oh wow… I’ve been fiddling around with it for a while. I suppose while posting my topic, I did something that got it working…

Sorry for the post! I’m not sure what I did; but whatever it is, I hope it stays that way! :slight_smile:

Thank you!


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