Www subdomain doesn't have SSL certificate

I have a netlify website (ruiborges.netlify.app) and I bought a domain with namecheap for it (ruiborges.com) I went to namespace and added the netlify nameservers, then, I went to netlify and activated the SSL certificates for the domain, so the domain is secure with a netlify SSL certificate but I wanna also secure the www subdomain (www.ruiborges.com), currently it appears as subdomain in netlify that redirects to the primary one (ruiborges.com) but whenever I go to the www subdomain (www.ruiborges.com) it says its not secure. How do I fix this?

EDIT: I fixed it by setting the primary domain as the one with the www and then changing it back, by doing that the ssl certificate changed from “ruiborges.com” to “*.ruiborges.com, ruiborges.com”, but how would I do that manually? Is there another way to do it?

If your DNS config is correct, you could usually just “renew” the certificate from the UI.