Apex domain getting DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN while the sub domain (www.) works just fine

Hi everyone! My name is Michael, I recently purchases a domain name to setup my site as I am an aspiring software developer and I am hosting my portfolio site on Netlify! I purchased my Domain name from CrazyDomains.com.au

I went to host my site on netlify, and it all went quite smoothly, besides the fact that my sub domain works, however my Apex domain doesn’t:

www.michaelleen.tech - WORKS - “Primary”
michaelleen.tech - DOESN’T WORK

venerable-pika-74db8c.netlify.app - Netlify App

I was under the impression that Netlify automatically re-routes to my primary domain. Am I missing something? Below I will post some screenshots of what my current domain site looks like, aswell as netlify, I don’t believe any of this is sensitive. Appreciate you reading this far! Thanks!

If I have missed any key information, please just let me know and I will provide it :slight_smile:

Hey @mleen4,

This should be resolved.

Thanks so much! Appreciate it!