"Another site is already using this domain"

I’m trying to add the custom domain c*********.app to the netlify app c*********.netlify.app and getting the error “Another site is already using this domain”.

I have added a verified-for-netlify TXT record with the URL to this thread as content as per the support guide for verifying domain ownership

Could you please help me resolve this error?

hi there @OopsieDoop ,

i have verified your ownership of the domain, but, we did notice that that domain is actively in use and serving traffic. If we free up the domain so it can be assigned to another site, that would make the site that the domain is currently pointing to unreachable.

would you like us to proceed, still?

@perry: Wait - what? Was it serving traffic prior to me registering the domain yesterday and pointing it to c*********.netlify.app? It didn’t resolve to anything for me before. It looks like the domain’s previous owner dropped it in March 2021.

Could you elaborate on why reassigning the domain would make the other netlify site unreachable?

I guess I’m open to finding a different name if the previous owner dropped it by accident… Is there any way you could help me contact them?

If not, then yes, I would like you to proceed.

Hi @OopsieDoop , apologies for the confusion!

The domain’s name servers are no longer pointing to Netlify so we’re not serving the site. I’ve freed up the domain. You should be able to add it to your site now. Let us know if that’s not the case!