Account is not accessible

I am unable to access my account. It is saying “No user found for this email/password”. I also have my portfolio website domain attached to it. I wonder if it is safe to share my old email address here.

If it is REALLY NOT POSSIBLE, then I would at least like to recover my domain. “”. I have followed the steps from here please remove the domain from my old account (if recovery of it is not possible). Thank you.

Can you please look into this? @SamO

Hi @jaf368 I’m not seeing any restrictions on the account. Perhaps you are not using the correct email on file to login. The email associated with the account is el**t*og*eks**f*ci*

Thank you very much for getting back to me. I tried again but I am still getting “No user found for this email/password”. Unfortunately I was using a very old email address of mine so I cannot select forgot password too. Is there any way I can confirm my identity by sending my old password and email address? Thank you very much in advance!

No, unfortunately you will need to be able to reset your password given the email I provided above otherwise we’d have no way of verifying you are who you say you are and we cannot give access to the account.

@jaf368 Just letting you know I don’t currently see a txt record against that domain.

Please confirm that you’ve added it correctly as per the instructions you linked to, and that the value points back to this thread.


Hiya, I removed the domain from the account. Thanks for verifying!

I highly appreciate both of your assistance, @SamO and @nathanmartin , and I apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thanks again!

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@SamO Hi! I apologize for mentioning you again but I realized something urgent which is, the mentioned website in this post is my portfolio website with my private details. I would highly appreciate if you could delete this post as well as unlist it. Thanks again!

@jaf368 You realize your portfolio is public on the internet yeah?

It’s usually the entire point of having one.

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Yes I realize that and I want to restrict the number of people having access to it.

If you don’t want every person (and bot) to have access to your private details, don’t have them listed in a public place.

In order to restrict access put a password on the site. Then only those who have the password can see your details.

That seems like a good idea. I will try that. Thanks for the advice.