Accointed suspended right after signup

Hello, i created an account using email, got verifivation email sent to me. i clicked the link it took me to a page saying Invalid Authorization token try again. i clicked the resend button it actually sent me a password reset link i went along and reseted password anyways when i tried to log in it says Account suspended, i haven’t even used the account, same goes for trying to sign up with github it says error. i have tried a few times everytime exact same error What is going on please help

Hey there, @abdulaziz :wave:

Thanks for reaching out. It looks like your site was marked as spam during the sign up process. Can you tell us more about what type of content you intend to host here?

what? My site flaged as spam? But i didnt even create a site to begin with :frowning: cause i couldnt even finish setting up account nor did i log in. I was planning to host a personal site. I think i have tried with multiple email due to the error thinking maybe it would work if i try with another email address.

Hi there, @abdulaziz :wave:

Thanks for following up. Can you please elaborate on what you mean by personal site? This information will help us reverse the flag and allow you to start building!