Suspended account

Hello, i created an account using email, got verifivation email sent to me. i clicked the link it took me to a page saying Invalid Authorization token try again. i clicked the resend button it actually sent me a password reset link i went along and reseted password anyways when i tried to log in it says Account suspended, i haven’t even used the account, same goes for trying to sign up with github it says error. i have tried a few times everytime exact same error What is going on please help


Hi @thapdigital :wave:t6: ,

Thank you for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s support forums! I have removed the block on your account.

Hello, my account was suspended. This is very cruel and unfair. I deploy all my projects using Netlify, my portfolio was deployed using Netlify.

you can activate my account too

For those seeing this thread and expecting @SamO to “activate their account”, this is an old thread that has been necro’d.

Netlify’s responses to recent automated fraud detection have been much more hardline, you may be better off seeking another hosting provider.

Hello, when I created an account, it did not give me access automatically. I use this program to register the deployment contract data of blockchain networks such as Base. Please activate the access for me. Thank you.

hello am also facing the same problem while creating the account.
So please help me with this issue .
thank you

Hi @Iqrar0208 and @girlfun, I have looked into both your accounts and can see that you were blocked upon signup. We regret to inform you that your account has been flagged due to increased potential for fraudulent behavior. As a result, we are unable to enable your account.

We understand that you may have questions regarding the ban; however, please note that we will not be able to provide further review or additional reasoning for this decision.

We appreciate your interest in our services, and while we understand this may be disappointing news, we take the security and integrity of our platform very seriously. Our Fraud and Abuse Team has thoroughly reviewed the situation, and based on their assessment, the decision to disable your account has been made. We value your understanding and cooperation.