Www.garagegymsensei-dev.com is not resolvable with a resolver that validates DNSSEC

I am getting this error that my domain can’t resolve due to DNSSEC. However, when I go into AWS Route53, their documentation states that they do not support DNSSEC. So, I feel like I am in a loop that I can’t get out of.

Hi there, just making sure you are aware that Netlify doesn’s support DNSSEC:

I honestly don’t know how it got set. Route53 does not support them either. Here is what I see:

Hi, @joejoe248. It appears the issue is now resolved. I show an SSL certificate issued using Netlify (and Let’s Encrypt) earlier today.

If there are other questions please let us know. Also, please feel free to share how you resolved the issue if you want to do so.