Www.techmoms.fr is not resolvable with a resolver that validates DNSSEC


I’m trying to have my website ( inspiring-wilson-604f21.netlify.app) using my new domain name (www.techmoms.fr). It’s been weeks and I still don’t know what’s wrong.

In the SSL/TLS certificate section, I have this warning:
www.techmoms.fr is not resolvable with a resolver that validates DNSSEC”"

When I click on “Renew certificate”, I have another error message:
DNS verification failed

I configured 2 domain names for my websites the same day on Netlify. One is live and working perfectly, and the other one (www.techmoms.fr) still not working. Can it be related to the .fr extension? Otherwise, would you know how to fix the issue?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Make sure DNSSEC is disabled for the domain. You’d have to check that in domain registrar.

Thanks for the advice. I disabled the DNSSEC for the domain, and wait the requested 24 hours. It still does not work. I also tried to renew certificate, not working. My other domain has the DNSSEC enabled and is working.

Hi i’m still seeing DNSSEC for the domain. Netlify DNS doesn’t support DNSSEC. To use Netlify DNS, disable DNSSEC with your domain registrar or previous DNS host. You can use tools like DNSViz to figure out where DNSSEC is currently enabled

I’m sorry I’m completely blocked. The DNSSEC is disabled on my domain registrar (OVH). I don’t understand I always used the same configuration for hosting my website (always with DNSSEC activated and they always be live, ex: www.coraliecodes.com). I don’t know how to use and understand DNSViz. Can the problem come from somewhere else?