Does Netlify support DNSSEC?

Hi there,
I have constantly trouble with provisioning Let’s Encrypt certificates, as I am using Cloudflare with Netlify to enjoy, among others, DNSSEC.

Now I decided to stop using Cloudflare, due to the problems with Let’s Encrypt and I am looking for a way to use DNSSEC with Netlify. Can I add signatures to my Netlify DNS records? Is there general support for DNSSEC?

Thanks for your help.


We do not currently support DNSSEC in our DNS hosting, no. We have an open feature request on it to which I’ve added this thread so we can let you know if that changes.


I moved my site with DNSSEC to Netlify, and now just realized I forgot to check it still was active, so please add me with +1 to the feature request


Yes. DNSSEC is a must.

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thanks for weighing in!

echoed; DNSSEC is becoming really crucial

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Any update on DNSSEC support timing?

hi @ptollinger, unfortunately not at this time. I will definitely update this as soon if there is movement, but I cannot promise that there will be. I have added your post to the issue.

Any updated on DNSSEC? Time is flying…

Hi, @e44922113418abe79e29. There is still no official ETA for when, or even if, this feature will be available. If it does become available, we will post an update here to let you know.