Compatibility between Netlify and DNS provider's DNSSEC

Hi there,
I’ve read on multiple posts on the forum that DNSSEC isn’t supported with Netlify DNS. However I’m not using Netlify DNS. Google Domain offers DNSSEC security, can I enable it and still benefit from the full advantages of Netlify?

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Hey @Bduclos,

It’s in the backlog as something which the team are looking to implement. Keep your eyes peeled!

Hi @Pie,
Thanks for your reply. I misunderstood, I thought that it was only Netlify DNS which wasn’t supporting DNSSEC and I thought that the other DNS providers which support DNSSEC could be compatible with Netlify.

Hiya @Bduclos,

I think that’s my bad! Going from memory, I’m pretty sure that you can make use of DNSSEC from an external DNS provider whilst using Netlify (not Netlify DNS). This article simply suggests that you ensure your records accurately resolve.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks. I’ll try it :slightly_smiling_face:

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