DNSSEC support on Netlify

Please add DNSSEC support.

For those who don’t know what DNSSEC is, please read this ICANN article “DNSSEC – What Is It and Why Is It Important?

It’s high time already. So many registrars, DNS management services support DNSSEC. And what’s more, NS1 the DNS provider backing Netlify DNS supports DNSSEC.


You can use Cloudflare with Netlify combined, it works for me, just don’t use Cloudflare’s proxy. You can still use some of the Cloudflare extras, I think. :slight_smile:

Up until yesterday, I had perfect scores for both my zsoltsandor.me and my www.zsoltsandor.me at the internet.nl test. Today, www is not giving me a good score, apparently something had happened with NETLIFY’s DNSSEC, I can’t think of anything else.

The results for the zsoltsandor.me test:
Website test: zsoltsandor.me
The results for the www.zsoltsandor.me test:
Website test: www.zsoltsandor.me

Also some other tests:

For the www:


The problem seems to be on Netlify’s side:

Results for Netlify itself:


Could admins, service team, whomever look into this?
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

@zsoltsandor, please see the post above on August 7th:

DNSSEC is definitely in our backlog. We’ll get there!

We do not support DNSSEC at this time.

For those wondering, I just checked and the new netlify.app domain does not yet support DNSSEC. I was hoping this would be implemented along with the URL changes for Netlify sites, but apparently not.

Given that DNSSEC is pretty much the only way site owners have at the moment to protect their DNS records, this feature would be appreciated.

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Hi, @SmashManiac, this feature request is still open. If/when DNSSEC is supported with our DNS service, we’ll post an update here to let you know about it.

I’m also waiting for this!

@zsoltsandor, any update yet?

Hi, @Shein. There has been no change on this. If there is an update, we will make a new post here to share the news.

Okie, thanks. Looking forwards to it!

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It’s now 2 years since the first request and no progress yet?
When will we have DNSSEC on Netlify?

Hey there, @rk3rn3r

Unfortunately, I do not have an update at this time. I wish I had better news for you. That being said, I have added your vote for this to our open feature request.

Thank you!

Hi, I would also like to see DNSSEC supported on Netlify. Soon, I hope. :netliheart:

Thanks for chiming in, @jansvabik :slight_smile: I have added your voice to the feature request!

Please!!! How is this not a thing in 2021!!!

Hi @namelessshameless,

As already said above, we’d update the thread once this becomes available.

Understood, just casting my vote as 2 years on it’s still “Not saying it’s coming, will let you know if it comes”.

Is this still not implemented?

Yes, it’s still not available.

Is this still on the roadmap? It would be great to implement this!

Hi, @WhyDontYouWork. There are no active plans to implement this at this time. If this changes we will post an update here to let you know.

By the way, please do not crosspost the same question to multiple topics. It slows things down for our support team and doesn’t make the forum content any more useful.