DNSSEC at domain registrar

Recently the renewal of the Let’s Encrypt certificate of one of my websites started failing. I now see that my domain registrar has started using DNSSEC for all domains and there is no way to disable it.
There is also no way to disable the usage of HTTPS on Netlify (nor do I want to).
Does this mean I need to stop using Netlify or is there any solution?

Hi @jevon,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

Would you be able to provide us with the domain or the site (such as sitename.netlify.app) that the domain is assigned to?

The domain I was referring to is www.bennie-vennegoor.nl

Hi, :wave:t6: is there anyway for you to disable DNSSEC with your registrar ? The registrar should have documentation on this.

I was indeed able to resolve this issue with the registrar. It turned out they had made a mistake in the DNS config. Thanks for the help!

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