Wrong subject line for Identity invitations/resetes


I have created an app, it was assigned the name pedantic-tereshkova-whatever which I renamed to mycurrentsitewhatever. However, when I send a signup invitation for Identity (or forgotten password request), the subject line still says You've been invited to join pedantic-tereshkova-whatever.netlify.app (and not mycurrentsitewhatever).


hey @jozsi, i think its a reasonable expectation that the name will change - hopefully we’ll get that fixed someday! in the mean time, you can totally set the sitename as you want:

Thank you very much, @perry! I totally missed those settings. Updating it to You've been invited to join {{ .SiteURL }} has fixed my issue. By the way, a SiteName variable could come handy, sometime - but that’s another request.

great! glad we were able to help out!