What consumes bandwidth

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I am new to netlify. I have deployed my site from github. Confused in bandwidth consumption.

Do bandwidth consumes based on site visitors or deployments everytime i made on github or both.

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welcome to netlify! Bandwidth is made up of any content that your site serves.

If each page on your site “weighs” 500kb, and your site has 10 pages, then one first-time visitor will incur 5000kb ( or ~0.5mb) of bandwidth if they view each page, more or less (content that is the same on each page will only be loaded once by your browser). I say “first time visitor” because the first time a requestor loads the site, data is stored in an intermediate storage called a “cache” to speed up repeat visits, so not all content is freshly loaded each time.

More info on how we bill for bandwidth:

Thanks for the answer Perry, but can I request some further clarification?

If I have a Github repository that is 500MB in size and I deploy this 10 times in the month, does that contribute 5GB towards my bandwidth usage? Or is bandwidth only for site visitors and the deployments are based soley on minutes of execution, regardless of repository size?

The latter one. Bandwidth is solely the size that is served, not the size that goes in building.