Updating my deployed website files

I’m about to deploy my website files but I can’t see a place where I can modify my files later like small live changes, I found that I must deploy again my new files, the question is does that consume my bandwidth, or does it takes only the new details or deletes old files.
example: my files are (5Mb) I made a change and deployed again does that makes my bandwidth (10Mb)?

This is because Netlify perform “Atomic Deploys”

It depends what you mean by “does that consume my bandwidth”.

If you’re uploading directly from your own computer to Netlify, via the “Drag & Drop” interface or Netlify CLI for example, then it would use some of your home/work upload limit with your ISP (if you have a limit on your plan).

However deploying files doesn’t use any of the “Bandwidth” you see against your account within the Netlify UI. That represents traffic that has viewed the site, (content served from the CDN, not uploaded to the CDN).

All of your files are uploaded to Netlify, but Netlify does have a check which then only pushes changed/removed files to the CDN.

No, but if you’re still concerned this is easy to test.

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In addition to Nathan’s great reply the following post explains what constitutes bandwidth

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