Explanations about bandwith consumption

I have deployed a react app where a user uploads up to 10mb of images and works with them on a canvas and other tabs, because this is the first serious app (its still unfinished) I am going to deploy, I checked on the bandwith usage and found that i already used 6mb in 1 day (visited the app from 3 devices), the build size is 140kb.

My questions:

  • Is the bandwith usage updated live (changes are reflected immediatly) ?
  • What counts towards bandwith usage, is it the app being loaded for first time, or any change in the state of my app (i thought it was the first but after seeing 6mb out of nowhere i am not sure anymore) ?
  • I have 2 other minimal portfolios apps deployed, how can i check each one’s consumption ?

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  1. The billing-screen bandwidth numbers are not updated in real time. We do have an open feature request to improve this, and I can add your voice there if you would like.
  2. Metered bandwidth usage consists of all outgoing data traffic on your team’s sites, including: pages, files, assets, and other responses served to site visitors on production sites, branch deploys, or Deploy Previews. It also includes outgoing data sent by your sites in proxied API requests, including requests to Netlify Functions. Here is another thread that covers this a bit more.
  3. If you shared your netlify site name, ie: happy-examplesite-12345, we can look into specific bandwidth consumption further.

Lastly, we have this support guide that outlines how to reduce your site’s bandwidth without impacting your traffic. Take a look and see if you can apply some of these tips!

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